Treasure Hunt® in Bulgaria

Team Building and Adventure Games

What We Do

Treasure Hunt LLC is a team building company that offers adventure games. We do them in every city in Bulgaria and in Europe. In the past years we have expanded into games in hotels, office building and business parks.

With our proprietary game style, we can turn any location into a giant “escape room”.

Since 2007, we’re offering unique Treasure Hunt® style adventures which features our custom made riddles. We have served over 300 companies, the majority of them returning customers.

The riddles will guide the teams to self discover hidden features in the city. The riddles are made to order for each individual game. They can not be solved by using internet, Wikipedia, Google Street View etc. They can only be solved once the team is at the right location.

Here is a sample riddle from Burgas:

From the Pantheon you need start,
walk hundred meters to the south,
a big stone “broken” by a square,
what’s the word after KAYA there?

We can accommodate groups up to 500 participants playing at the same time divided into teams of five. The team that solves the most riddles for the least amount of time wins the Treasure Hunt®.

The game area is the centre of the city of your choice and is on foot only. The teams navigate the city by themselves. Here you can find the play area in Sofia city.

We do the riddles in English and they can be solved even if you’ve never been in the city before and you don’t speak the local language.

The Treasure Hunt® duration is between 1 and 4 hours, depending on how much time you have. For city games we recommend at least two and a half hours.

After the game we do a presentation at a place of your choice showing the riddles, the solutions, and telling the stories behind the places you have visited. At the end we reveal the ranking and give out custom hand signed and framed certificate to the top teams.

The pricing depends on three major factors: the size of your group, the location, the date. Send us an inquiry with this data and we will send back a detailed quote.

We also do Treasure Hunt® games in every major European city. Ask us for details.

If you’re a small team take a look at the similar games offered offered by our partners BoomRaid™ in New York, Chicago, Copenhagen, Vienna and Sofia. They can be played 24/7 with a phone.

*Treasure Hunt® is a registered trademark in Bulgaria owned by Treasure Hunt LLC